I was born on an island in the Pacific, raised in Europe, in a household where a Bidet Bottle could always be found in the bathroom. A bottle hidden under the sink, and it was usually a milk or soda bottle. When I shared an apartment, I had a soda bottle under the sink, but it would disappear every few weeks. One day my room mate confronted me and asked why I kept putting a bottle in the bathroom. I gave him the following example…

“If you fell down playing Frisbee at a backyard picnic, and your hand landed in a pile of dog poop, would you just wipe your hand with a paper napkin and keep playing? Or would you go inside and wash your hand?”

The answer is obvious, and I told him that “using just toilet paper was just like using a napkin. No matter how much you wipe, you can smell it and you just know it is not clean. The only way to get really clean is to wash your hand. The bottle is used to wash myself. This is always followed with a good hand washing using soap and water, like you normally do.”

For many years I have been thinking about it, and finally decided to take the Original Bidet Bottle public, and make it a common and natural method of water cleansing. I made an ergonomically designed bottle that will accommodate all hand sizes comfortably, from children to adults. It was designed to easily get to angles and positions. The convenient tray holds the empty OBB bottles neatly in place when not in use.

The concept of water cleansing is old, the acceptance of using water challenging. There are millions of people in the world who use water to cleanse themselves daily. In today’s world of multi-cultures and ethnic diversity, I believe that all people are ready for the Original Bidet Bottle and water cleansing. New users will experience the cleanliness and the benefits that using the Original Bidet Bottle provides. Those who have been using a bottle for years can now purchase a product intended strictly for this purpose.

I hope that you will read all the information provided on this site, especially the “how to use” instructions, the “cleanliness”, “self examination”, “benefits”, the “hand washing” pages, and how human waste effects our world “environment”.

Our aim is to put an Original Bidet Bottle Set in every home, by making them inexpensive to purchase, a clean appearing bathroom accessory item, and to provide the means to achieve true cleanliness.

The Original Bidet Bottle
A Natural Way to Achieve True Cleanliness
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