There has to be a reason why so many people in the world use water to cleanse themselves. It is not a luxury, but an accepted part of personal hygiene performed daily. Millions are using nature’s natural cleanser, to achieve true cleanliness every day. And water cleansing doesn’t only have to be for bathroom use, you can wash whenever you feel the need to freshen up or to ensure that you are truly clean. Although true cleanliness is the main reason for water cleansing, here are some other benefits from using the Original Bidet Bottle….

Less paper consumption: As you become more adept at using the OBB, you will see decreased paper consumption. This is good for you, your pocketbook and the environment.
Septic tanks: You will see a big drop in toilet paper consumption. Less paper means better septic function and better leaching.
Environment issues: There are varying statistics, but there is no doubt that millions of trees are used globally for toilet paper end up in our oceans yearly. Going green is an everyday effort and every contribution helps. Remember to recycle your OBB bottles.
Women’s menstrual period: This dreaded time of the month is better faced with feeling really clean and knowing you are as clean as you can be. A warm soothing cleaning will do wonders for you during this time of personal assault on normalcy.
Post pregnancy: Many women get hemorrhoids after labor from all the pushing. Now you can be truly clean without pain using an OBB bottle filled with warm soothing water

Men: Let’s face it, men are hairy. Hair is found in the most unmentionable places. What more can be said to support the need for men to wash themselves. In hot weather or at the end of the day, take time to refresh yourself… just because you should. Laundry stains: Using the bidet bottle and getting really clean will make “racing stripes” history.
Hand held sprayers: The OBB bottles are stored empty until needed, and since there is no plumbing involved, there won’t be any water damage to ceilings or floors. Also, most sprayers connect to the reservoir feeder line giving you icy cold water.
Self esteem: You can’t help but feel confident when you are really clean. Now you will know you are truly clean, and clean where it counts the most.
A shared practice: As you use the OBB bottle, you will be surprised at how many people have been secretly washing themselves with various forms of water cleansing.
A new level of cleanliness: I cannot stress this enough, but once you are used to being OBB clean, you will feel the need to be truly clean all the time. Your level of awareness of being less than clean will surprise you. You will look forward to coming home to clean yourself if you used a bathroom away from home. And once accustomed to being truly clean, you will want the same from those close to you.
Out of the closet: All water cleansing people can now come out of the closet. The OBB “Classic” set will soon be found in many households. Whether you rent or own, the OBB set in your bathroom will not only provide a way to be truly clean, but will speak volumes about the cleanliness level of your personal hygiene.

The Original Bidet Bottle
A Natural Way to Achieve True Cleanliness
Please Remember: "Your left hand is for cleaning and your right hand is for greeting".