I can only speak for myself, but washing my children has always put a soothing end to their bathroom trip. When they were done going, I would take them off their potty seat, remove it, and reseat them towards the front of the regular toilet seat. Having a full bottle of lukewarm water ready, the child would bend over and lean on my leg while I gently washed them clean, and then dabbed them dry with a small amount of toilet paper.

My son started potty training when he was able to sit up, at around 9 months. I placed him on his potty seat at the same time, about 15 minutes after breakfast. Soon he was doing his morning duty, and enjoyed having a nice warm ending to this daily routine. It was a great accomplishment, especially since we were using cloth diapers.

As the child gets older, he gradually takes a greater part in the cleansing and eventually will learn to do it all on his own. The Original Bidet Bottle has an ergonomically designed neck so that a small hand can easily grasp it and turn the bottle to the angle that works best for the young user. Let your child wash his hands with you as it will instill the practice of good bathroom hygiene.

We are all unique so there is no “one correct way” to use the Original Bidet Bottle. The bidet bottle was designed with a secure and comfortable grip to get to multiple angles. People use it approaching from the front or back. Women prefer the frontal approach for easier access and feminine hygiene. The Original Bidet Bottle was designed to give you the ability to find what works best for you.

True cleanliness can’t be achieved with some gadget from the Jetsons. Self cleansing, like taking a shower, is a hands-on operation. There is no way around it; if you want to achieve true cleanliness, it becomes a hands-on process. When you wash with the Original Bidet Bottle, you know that you are truly clean.

First, take a few sheets (5-6) of bathroom tissue and place it within your left hand’s reach for drying. With an empty bidet bottle in your right hand, you should experiment to find a position that feels comfortable. Try cleansing yourself with a half full bidet bottle a few times. Wet your left fingers just as the water comes out. Then try a full bottle. When done, use the paper sheets to dab yourself dry with your left hand. Cleanliness includes the need to wash your hands after every bathroom use! It is hygienic and a conscientious effort to minimize the spread of germs.



The Original Bidet Bottle
How to use the Original Bidet Bottle - Children.
How to use the Original Bidet Bottle - Adults.
A Natural Way to Achieve True Cleanliness
Please Remember: "Your left hand is for cleaning and your right hand is for greeting".
How to Use the Original Bidet Bottle.