The Original Medical Bidet Set

Perfect for Rectal Surgery Patients, Hemorrhoid Sufferers, and Rectal/Colon Cancer Self-Examinations.

A Natural Way to Achieve True Cleanliness

Recovering from any type of rectal surgery, or a difficult delivery, is a painful period and leaves patients with the task of maintaining a high degree of cleanliness. There is no gentler or more soothing way to achieve true cleanliness than using lukewarm water. With the Original Bidet Bottle you can be assured that you are truly clean with minimal discomfort using water at the temperature you want, and flowing at the rate you control.

Hemorrhoid sufferers, there is no toilet paper soft enough. Using the Original Bidet Bottle for water cleansing is the gentlest method with the best results. Wiping with paper only further irritates this already sensitive area. After washing with the Bidet Bottle, use a small amount of toilet paper to gently dab yourself dry, and to examine the paper for any abnormalities.

This set contains two Original Bidet Bottles in a metal tray with no-slip rubber feet. Please visit the How to Use, the Benefits, and the Self Examination pages for more information about how to gently achieve True Cleanliness using the Original Bidet Bottle, and to do self examinations for early signs for colon/rectal cancer.

The Original "Classic" Bidet Set from OBB Products
The Original Medical Bidet Set