In the cleaning process using just toilet paper, you have no way to examine yourself should you feel any pain or discomfort. You can’t see what is going on back there, and in general, the paper you use to wipe, is dropped into the toilet and flushed out of sight.

When practicing water cleansing using the Original Bidet Bottle, after you have cleaned yourself, you use the toilet paper to dab yourself dry. This is also the time to take a good look at the tissue paper to check for any visible signs that you may have a problem.

Your body goes through changes, and the roasted peanuts you may have been eating for years now give you stomach aches or discomfort. You may notice small pin-sized dots of blood on your toilet tissue when drying after using the OBB bottle. If you are getting small dots of blood, the peanuts could be the cause, or you may need medical attention. Your doctor may advise you to stop eating peanuts, or he may want to do a more thorough exam. Using the OBB bottle allowed you to make this find, whereas you would never have discovered the damage otherwise. By using the OBB bottle, you are able to monitor yourself to prevent self damage and provide early detection for colon/rectal cancers or other health issues that might have been missed.

Just as women check themselves for lumps in the breasts, so should OBB users check themselves for any irregularities or any sign that something needs to be looked at by a doctor. Unusual discharging, spotting of blood, extra sensitivity, are all warning signs that you could never have detected with dry toilet paper cleaning. Being intimate and aware of what is going on with your body is one great benefit that water cleansing provides.

The Original Bidet Bottle
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Please Remember: "Your left hand is for cleaning and your right hand is for greeting".
The Original Bidet Bottle
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