When we talk about true cleanliness, you have to examine it microscopically. The basic function of toilet paper is to wipe and remove as much as possible. There is no way that wiping with paper can clean you completely; it’s just not possible. Men being hairier should find this even less appealing. Because you are not completely clean with using toilet paper, there will be odor and residue on your clothing. Water cleansing has been the only way to get really clean, and the Original Bidet Bottle is specifically designed to let you achieve true cleanliness.

A short list of users of water cleansing include: much of Asia, many European countries, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Middle East, South America, and elsewhere throughout the world. Some Muslim families use a hand-held shower or a Lota or Lotah for daily cleansing. Bathrooms in the Philippines and South-East Asian countries have oversized dippers (tabo) for dispensing water. Makeshift bidet “botol cebok” are found in Dutch/Indonesian homes, as well as other Asian and Middle Eastern households in Europe. The Original Bidet Bottle is the first mainstream product that conveys your preferred level of cleanliness. You will discover many bidet bottle users who share your hygiene preference.

As you use the Original Bidet Bottle, you will find that among water cleansing users, the left hand rule is understood and followed by all. Please do your cleansing using your left hand. Remember … “Your left hand is for cleaning, your right hand is for greeting”. Cleanliness also includes the need to wash your hands when you are finished. This is for sanitary reasons and common courtesy.

The Original Bidet Bottle
A Natural Way to Achieve True Cleanliness
Please Remember: "Your left hand is for cleaning and your right hand is for greeting".
True Cleanliness
True Cleanliness