How long is the right amount of time to wash your hands? I am sure that there is a study out there somewhere, but you do want to do a thorough job when washing your hands. Using plenty of soap and water, sing Happy Birthday or Yankee Doodle three to four times while “soaping up”. This should be long enough to do a good job. Don’t rush this, since it is all part of true cleanliness.

If you are washing a child, remember to wash your own hands afterward, and have your child wash their hands with you after water cleansing. You should try to instill good bathroom washing habits, especially when using the Original Bidet Bottle. Remember to follow the customs of water cleansing and use your left hand to cleanse your child.

To ensure sanitary conditions, wash your hands thoroughly every time you use the bathroom. I can’t stress this enough, but no matter what you go into the bathroom to do, wash your hands before you walk out. Washing your hands is an absolute must after using The Original Bidet Bottle. Not washing your hands defeats the whole purpose of discovering true cleanliness. Be courteous and respectful of your fellow man and please wash your hands!

The Original Bidet Bottle
A Natural Way to Achieve True Cleanliness
Please Remember: "Your left hand is for cleaning and your right hand is for greeting".
Wash Your Hands!!!
Wash Your Hands!!!